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We can help you Repair your Online Reputation!

Reputation or overall impact of an individual or brand is extremely important and a delicate aspect for gaining success in the online industry. Online Reputation Management also acknowledged as Digital Reputation is something which should never be undervalued and is a very valuable aspect of Digital Marketing.


ORM is also known as Online Reputation Monitoring means to control and manage the reputation of a business organization or a person individual brand, in this advanced and digital world of marketing i.e. Internet Marketing.


The idea of reputation building was primarily a public relation term which we even call as PR, but with improvement and popularity of the internet and social media, the meaning of the term slipped its focus towards social media and search effects on a brand or person.

Fundamentals of Online Reputation

Intro to Social Media
Online Monitoring/Brand Monitoring
How to analysis clients businesses
Engaging with Consumers
Reputation Defending Techniques
Creating Positive Links
Reputation Management Tools

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